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An effective inspection program must adhere to 3 key principles:

Complete - each and every component comprising the bridge and each element comprising the component must be thoroughly examined, measured, photographed and documented. Geometric data must be accurate or costing models will not generate meaningful results.

Accurate - inspector error must be kept to an absolute minimum by running error checking routines in the background during data input Integrity checks carried out after the inspection is complete can cross-reference data collected on different elements to check for potential discrepancies. Global validation routines are run on the entire database at the conclusion of the Data Acquisition process.

Consistent - from one inspection to another as well as one inspector to another. Where subjective commentary is provided, this is achieved by a thorough training regimen and dialogue between inspectors. When interacting with the DAQ system, selections are made from lists that only permit valid and reasonable input.

No matter how sophisticated the Bridge Management System that ultimately utilizes your inspection results, it will be of little use if the data generated by the inspection process fails to meet any of these objectives.

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